Friday, April 16, 2010

Starting Over Again

Alright, so I've been feeling convicted lately about not keeping this up when I have so many great stories and photos to share. I've been keeping up photos on my Facebook, but I would like to share stories that cannot be captured by the camera. Also, my friends have convinced me that people really read blogs and are able to learn much from them. So, I will start by recording recent stories and then take you on a walk down memory lane as I am finishing up my term here in Niger. Yes, I will be leaving June 18th to go back and live a new life in the states. But I'm still here in Niger and want to capture as much as possible in the blogs of my time here and all God's allowed me to witness and be a part of.
Most recent story: IT'S HOT!!
Hot season is definately here and is showing off big time! Just a while ago I realized that I was sweating and looked to see what the temperature was in my classrooom. It was 103 degrees Farenheit!!! Let's just say, the A/C is now on but still it's hot! I'm not sure about the outside temp, but it's bad when kid's don't want to play at recess because it's too hot to run around! Earlier this week the power was out throughout most of Niamey. For 3 solid nights families of my students had no electricity! Thankfully there is a generator in the compound that I live in, but even the first night the gas ran out and I had to get ready for school in the dark! Thankfully the generator has been quite faithful at Sahel and there has been running water everyday during school hours. Praise God!! This is indeed an answered prayer :) Still we were able to use our A/Cs because it overloads the generator, but at least we had fans. There were a couple times on Monday and Thursday while I was teaching 1st grade math in the afternoon that it did go out and boy did the room get toasty with all our warm bodies! Sweat was saturating kid's hair and papers had wet marks from kids resting their hand on the paper! Monday we tried to beat it, but Thursday we went outside to work. Fans, when they work, are an amazing invention!!