Friday, January 30, 2009

Streets of Niamey

This is a typical side road in Niamey. Very sandy and bumpy.

This is the gate to the school I serve at. If the gate is closed, a guard is always available to open it to let me in. If I'm leaving, he'll open it and then check for traffic for me then wave me on if it's clear.

This is the bridge that crosses the Niger River that I cross everyday to get to school.

I am stopped here waiting to meet up with someone, so I decided to take some pictures :) There are a lot of these big trucks because they are building another bridge to relieve the traffic on the current bridge. Since there are a lot of big trucks traveling on this sandy road and dry conditions, water trucks often go down the road(same as my school's road) to help keep the sand from getting too stirred up.

Saw some camels (not uncommon but always neat) while I was waiting :)

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